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2019 BUDGET 2019 Budget Summary 2019 Adopted Budget 2019 Preliminary Budget Important Information: -- Three new capital reserve funds are in the 2019 Budget: $30,000 for a groomer, $15,000 for a loader and $12,000 for a garbage truck. The town board is trying to plan ahead so borrowing -- and resulting interest payments -- is not necessary. -- The board has contracted for a high deductible health plan tied to a health savings account, with the town paying the deductibles. This saved close to $30,000 in projected health insurance premiums for 2019. -- Highway Department workers will get a 2% COLA and a 2% raise plus another small raise incurred to adjust the town’s grade and step scale to eliminate “merit pay” that was treated as raises by the previous administration. BOTTOM LINE: .7% tax levy increase and healthy fund balances